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HP Femdom

Potterverse Women on Top

Potterverse Women On Top
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Welcome to the HP Femdom Community, for fans of Potterverse women in charge, in bed and out of it. This place is for those who adore dominant women, and art and fiction that focuses on these within the Harry Potter fandom. Both female dominance in erotic fiction or art, and tough ladies in genfic are the stuff this community is made of!

The rules are few, but simple. Just follow these and I'm sure everbody will get along fine!

1) PLAY NICE. No trolling, spamming or flaming whatsoever. Anyone caught harassing this community and its members will be banned without warning. If you have any conflicts with a fellow member of this community, please take them to IM or email. Any off-topic advertising posts will be deleted and the poster warned - a second offense will result in a ban.

2. Any type of content is welcome here - fan fiction, art, icons, banners, essays etc. - as long as it is Harry Potter fandom or Harry Potter crossover with another fandom, and focuses on dominant women. All ratings are allowed, G through NC-17, and all manner of kinks, squicks etc. are permitted as long as they are warned for.

3. Femmeslash, het and gen are of course going to be the main focus here, but m/m slash is allowed in secondary pairings. Fic/art etc. about transgender women (male-bodied persons who identify as female, NOT just male cross-dressers) may also be included here.

4. Long fics, large images and anything rated above G must be put behind a cut tag. Appropriate warnings must be given for explicit sex, violence or anything else potentially controversial.

5. NO FEMALE-SUBMISSIVE HET. AT ALL. PLEASE! It's a mod squick, and there are other communities that accept that sort of thing. And that DOES include "switch" hetfics/art where male and female partners take turns at being dominant and submissive. Let's keep the submissive ladies in femmeslash ONLY while we're here, mmmmkay?

6. HAVE FUN!!!