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Welcome - and FIC! (Bellatrix/Lily, NC-17)

Hello, and welcome to hpfemdom, the community for Potterverse women on top! I won't do a big raving modly intro post - I'll just get on with it and post some dominant-woman fic! This one is femmeslash, written for the hpvalensmut fic exchange. Hope you enjoy!

Title: Vicinity of Obscenity
Author: Gabriel Anubis
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Bellatrix/Lily, implied James/Lily, Bellatrix/Rodolphus and Lily/Alice Longbottom
Summary: Lily Potter hates Bellatrix Lestrange. But oh, how she wants her!
Warnings: Explicit femmeslash, D/s, bondage, hatesex, dubious consent, anal, toys, AU
Words: 1,174
Disclaimer: Don’t own these characters, not making any profit, etc.
A/N: Written for the HP Valensmut fic exchange. Also, I suck at titles, so I ended up naming the fic after the System of a Down song I was listening to when I started writing it! (Banana terracotta pie!) Many thanks to my beta who wishes to remain nameless.

“I love you.”

The words were spoken with a sensual, purring resonance by the tall, regal brunette who stood by the heavily curtained window, resplendently lovely in her black lace negligee and high-heeled patent leather boots. Lily Potter twisted her head around to look over her shoulder, uncomfortable though it was to crane her neck like that, and glared at the other woman. “Well, I hate you,” she snapped, wanting her voice to sound seething and vitriolic, but it came out sounding more petulant and childish than anything else, betraying more than a hint of the lust she was unwilling to admit to feeling.

Bellatrix Lestrange merely laughed, her tone rich, throaty and decadent, and strode over to the bed where Lily was bound facing downwards, her wrists tightly secured to the bedposts. “Do you now, precious?” Bellatrix cooed, slyly removing something from the bedside table as she spoke. “And why on earth would you feel like that? After all I’ve done for you, my darling Lily. Buying you beautiful new clothes and everything…”

Lily didn’t have to look up to know that Bellatrix’s eyes were sweeping hungrily and lecherously over her helpless, restrained body. She knew that she looked both delectable and defenceless in the silky lingerie that Bellatrix had bought for her and insisted that she wear for their tryst. A scarlet camisole, mockingly suggestive of Gryffindor colours, with matching garter belt, stockings and stiletto shoes. No knickers at all, leaving Lily far more exposed than she wanted to be around the likes of Bellatrix Lestrange. The redhead felt herself blushing all over, but still she heard herself answering peevishly, “Yeah, and I hate those too. I wish you’d take them off me. They make me look like a fucking whore.”

In reply, Lily heard something whistle menacingly through the air and land with a resounding crack on her bare buttocks. A riding crop, of course, thinly tipped, flexible and viciously painful. Lily let out a sharp scream and several choice swear words, causing Bellatrix to bring the crop down over and over, even faster and harder.

Bellatrix’s voice was deathly calm as she spoke again. “You know I don’t like that sort of language, Lily. It isn’t ladylike. And you belong to me, so I’ll dress you exactly as I please. It’s highly fitting that I dress you like a whore, since you act like a whore – oh, don’t pretend that you’re an innocent with me, my beauty. I’m not the only one who shares your bed besides James Potter. I know all about you and the Longbottom woman, carrying on behind your husbands’ backs. Don’t think you can keep any secrets from me, darling. I’ll find them all out, each and every one, and make sure they all come back to haunt you…”

By this time, Bellatrix had ceased whipping Lily and was seated on the bed, stroking the bound woman’s reddened arse. Lily fought back tears of humiliation and the growing warmth between her thighs as she slowly became aroused at Bellatrix’s touch. She loathed being at the mercy of this alluring, debauched pure-blood, but she found herself needing the dark sexual passion that they shared more and more.

Lily couldn’t even properly recall how this had all started, this mutual lust that couldn’t really be termed a love affair, as there was precious little love involved, from Lily’s side at least. Lily had met Bellatrix when she’d been dragged along by James to some tedious Ministry of Magic function, where she’d been scorned and called a Mudblood by the snooty aristocracy of the wizarding world. She had expected the same sort of treatment from Bellatrix Lestrange, a known fanatic about purity of wizard bloodlines. What she had not expected was to catch Bellatrix’s eye in a completely different manner. Lily had heard gossip about Bellatrix and her husband Rodolphus, about how they liked to carry on extramarital intrigues with people of their own sex, but she was completely unprepared to find herself the target of Bellatrix’s obsession. Lily had no objections to being desired by another woman – she’d been bisexual for as long as she could remember and had her nice, safe girlfriend Alice to turn to when James couldn’t satisfy all her complex needs – but she always felt slightly queasy and guilty after the time she spent with Bellatrix. It was all so sordid somehow – probably because Bellatrix insisted on absolute secrecy, and always took Lily in the harshest, most degrading ways the brunette could think up. Bondage, whips, slutty clothes… and penetrating her where two of Bellatrix’s fingers, lubricated by a swiftly spoken spell and unseen flick of a wand, were probing and stroking her now, deep inside her anus. Oh, how she detested submitting to this, though the stretching and pressure made Lily feel even more wanton and needy than before. She moaned with frustration into the pillow as Bellatrix worked yet another finger into her. Lily had always refused to let James take her up the arse, and Alice, dear sweet Alice, would never dream of fucking her like this. Their lovemaking was always about kisses and softness and caressing of breasts. Bellatrix never kissed Lily, at least not on the lips, and there was very little gentleness about her.

A sob tore from Lily’s throat as she felt her cheeks being pulled apart and the strap-on cock that Bellatrix was wearing press against her tight ring of muscle. She heard Bellatrix laugh again, and murmur, hot and breathy, “I see you don’t hate me as much as you say you do, isn’t that right, my pretty?”

Lily felt burning tears begin to spill as her clit throbbed. She almost sobbed again, but instead involuntary lifted her hips as she heard herself answering tremulously, “No…”
“No, what?” Bellatrix teased, rubbing the tip of the strap-on against Lily’s hole, but not entering. “Say it, precious, or I won’t put it in you…”
Lily squeezed her eyes shut, flushing with shame as the need to be fucked overwhelmed her. “No, Bella,” she whispered finally, her voice a mere tiny quaver. She hated calling the other woman that, as if there were some real tenderness or intimacy between them. It would be easier if Bellatrix had ordered Lily to call her Mistress or Madam or nothing at all. Then it would just be a playing of roles, a fantasy, something that could easily be dismissed in Lily’s mind during saner moments. This way, it was as if Lily was being asked to admit that she felt some kind of love for Bellatrix, to declare openly her profound and vulgar needs.

“Good girl,” Bellatrix purred softly, and thrust her cock hard into Lily’s arse. Lily moaned and almost came at once as Bellatrix began to pound within her. She despised herself for being so addicted to Bellatrix Lestrange and the dark raptures only she could bring, but she knew that as soon as Bellatrix was done with her, she would start to crave this deliciously shameful ecstasy again.
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